For those that do not know, "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds" ("PUBG") is a battle royale game that has taken over the gaming world within the last year. In March of 2017, it released in early access on Steam and instantly was beloved by streamers all around the world. In this game, the Player drops in on an island with up to 99 other players, where the only way to win is to be the last person alive. Players must loot houses and other structures for weapons and gear. At the same time, they are trying to avoid "the blue" which closes in every couple of minutes, forcing the battle to shrink to a smaller play area each time.

Players can also team up with a friend in duos, or they can have up to four players in squad mode to try and win a chicken dinner.

Adding Miramar

Back in December, "PUBG" officially left early access and launched its 1.0 version. Since then they have added a new map, Miramar, which is a desert-type map. Since its addition, it has not received a warm reception from the "PUBG" community. Since the release of Miramar, players have widely complained that the map feels empty, and most did not enjoy their experience with this new map. According to a report by Scott Duwe on Dot Esports, "There is no map selection at the beginning of a game, meaning you randomly get thrown into the original map, Erangel or the new map, Miramar." He also reports that, "Players are even going into the game files on their computers and deleting the files for the Miramar map just so they could avoid having to play it."

PC 1.0 update #4

The "PUBG" development team took note of this and recently released an Update for the PC test servers that looks to improve the experience that players will have on Miramar.

According to the patch notes from the "PUBG" Development and Community team on Steam, these improvements range from adding more buildings and cover, to improving navigation with vehicles. Also, they have increased the loot spawn for certain areas of the map meaning better items will have a higher chance of being found in specific locations on the map.

Lastly, the update fixes bugs such as players getting stuck on Miramar in certain areas, wall textures not looking correct on some buildings, and the ability to use healing items underwater.

"For the time being this new update will be exclusively in the PC test servers, along with an anti-cheat solution that still remains in development," said Scott Duwe.

The developers have expressed on Steam that many players may experience crash issues while on the test servers and suggest that if it is persistent, players should play on the live servers instead. This update looks promising for the development of Miramar, but time will tell whether or not the community accepts it.