The PlayStation Plus free games library has been announced for the month of February. There's no need to fear being lonely this Valentine's Day, PlayStation has your back with a few releases that will surely keep you entertained. If you're going to wallow in your despair, you might as well entertain yourself with free content. Let's see what PlayStation has in store for us this month.


"Knack" is a family-friendly adventure game/platforming beat 'em up that was developed by SIE Japan Studios and originally released on November 15, 2013. The player navigates through a series of well-developed levels.

The story follows Knack and his creator as they attempt to put an end to the antagonist's evil plans. "Knack" didn't score wonderfully with the critics at Gamespot, Metacritic, or IGN, these outlets consistently rated the game a depressing 5/10. Despite the critical rating, "Knack" is a highly enjoyable game, and, considering it's free for PlayStation Plus users, who cares what they have to say?


"Rime" is a single-player puzzle/adventure game that was developed by Tequila Works and released on May 26, 2017. "Rime" puts emphasis on its unique art style of its environment and in-depth character development. In this release, you'll be playing as a young boy who has awakened on a mysterious island after a traumatic storm swept him away from his previous location.

The objective is to reach the tower's peak and unlock its closely guarded secrets, shouting and singing along the way. The critics at Metacritic, Gamespot, and IGN have given this stunning work an average of 7/10. It's another highly engaging free to play release by PlayStation that will take our focus away from our loneliness.

'Grand Kingdom'

"Grand Kingdom" is a tactical role-playing game that was developed by Monochrome Corporation and released on November 19, 2015. Players engage in turn-based battles where they co-ordinate groups of mercenaries, preparing them for battle. In addition to standard campaign mode, Monochrome Corporation included a plethora of side quests, resource collection, rare item chests, and fights with lucrative prizes.

"Grand Kingdom" isn't personally a game that I have been able to enjoy due to its non-engaging playstyle. With that being said, Metacritic gave it a 78%, while other outlets decided to veer away from reviewing this game.

February's free game lineup also includes:

  • "Spelunker HD" (PS3)
  • "Mugen Souls Z" (PS3)
  • "Exiles End" (PS Vita)