EA has been under fire for the past several weeks now as angered fans voice out their dislike towards "Star Wars Battlefront 2's" messed up microtransaction scheme. Hours before the space opera shooter's global release, the game publisher/developer temporarily pulled the plug on the mentioned in-game pay system.

Sudden move

DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson recently posted a blog post on EA's "Star Wars Battlefront 2" page announcing the move.

Per, the latest update, he broke the news that microtransactions in the game were turned off adding that they heard their player base "loud and clear." Gabrielson went on stating that they'll be spending more time listening to the community and at the same time "adjusting, balancing and tuning" the game.

That being said, in-game purchase of crystals/credits are now at a stand-still and progression will be earned through gameplay.

Not convinced

While most fans celebrate this last-minute move from EA, there's still a substantial number of players who are not convinced by this. A fan even took to "Star Wars Battlefront" subreddit to remind fellow players that the recent PR stunt of EA is fleeting. The Redditor stated that they "shouldn't be celebrating and laying down the pitchforks." The fan further explained that the game publisher is doing this to secure final sales prior to its official release. Other Redditors seem to agree with it stating that EA could be looking for the best way to reinstate the Pay To Win scheme back in the game.

A couple of days prior to "Battlefront 2's" release, YouTuber YongYea uploaded a video where it revealed that after slashing in-game credit requisite to its top end heroes, EA imposed a daily cap on crystals/credits earned in "Battlefront 2's" Arcade Mode.

This may well seem to imply that this meddling tactic of EA pushes its players to be engaged in multiplayer mode where they will be constantly bombarded with loot boxes and entice them to purchase some of it. The publisher can't do that if their player base has another way of progressing in the game without breaking the bank.

Microtransaction models on both home console and PC have grown to become full-priced experiences thanks to AAA game developers. Per Tech Crunch, the publication stated that EA clearly "crossed the line" where games should not be influenced by microtransactions or "lead to anything close to a pay-to-win environment."

For true blue fans of the "galaxy far, far away," "Star Wars Battlefront 2" is officially out. Watch a video of the game here: