Shortly after all of the drama concerning the “Star Wars Battlefront 2” micro-transactions has begun to die out, the “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” team has stated that they do not plan to implement anything similar. They have openly stated that they are going to stay focused on the cosmetic side of the spectrum. This was an obvious decision for a game as competitive as "PUBG." Many topics were discussed at a developer panel where the PUBG CEO Chang Han Kim and Lead Game Designer Junhyuk Choi attended a South Korean games expo, G-Star.

Panel questions

A couple of interesting questions were raised at this panel. They ranged from the current cheating issues to upcoming content.

At the expo, a question was raised on whether a new crate would be released containing special items, as they have done before at Gamescom. Chang Han Kim responded by saying that they are going to be focusing on the official launch at first, but plan to add new items after that. The game may also soon feature a training mode, similar to the likes of the “H1Z1” arena.

The developers have stated that they believe the game should be difficult, but there has also been a strong demand for a tutorial mode or shooting range. They are planning to implement such a feature after the official release.

Upcoming content

At G-Star, Kim also spoke about other upcoming content. This included the highly anticipated Desert Map. Kim has stated that the Desert map is going to have a completely different look and feel compared to Erangel (Erangel is the current map).

“You will be able to enjoy new battles with the larger and more three-dimensional map design,” he said.

They are also working on new clothing, vehicles, and weapons. There is going to be a surprise announcement about them before their release.

Console release

Bluehole has previously revealed that “PUBG” will soon release on Xbox One. The release date is currently set for December 12.

A developer has stated that the game will not be running at a frame rate of 60, but at 30.

It may be disappointing to some but developer Brendan Greene has tweeted, “we’re constantly refining the game and exploring options to increase frames per second, but this early in dev, we’re unable to confirm more.”

The long-awaited version 1.0 of “PUBG” is set to release around the same time as the console release. If you missed your chance to check out the upcoming features on the test servers, you can easily find a YouTube video showcasing them.