Over a year ago, reddit users read a post that ended up being extremely accurate concerning the story of "Destiny 2." The user is known as WootzDiadem and posted a huge theory concerning the video game on Oct. 2, 2016, based on grimoire cards and some concept art pieces. Humorously, the Reddit post ended up getting 236 comments from users, and most of those comments disagreed with the theory, many of them even going so far as to throw out insults at WootzDiadem based on his thoughts of the upcoming video game.

Despite the Reddit naysayers, the "Destiny 2" theory ended up being very close to what gamers received.

Click here to read the entire theory in full and read on below to get a more condensed version of the entire prediction and responses as well as a look at some of the grimoire cards that the prediction was based on.

The 'Destiny 2' prediction from Reddit

According to Reddit user WootzDiadem, he looked at some grimoire cards and concept art pieces and concocted his own theory about the "Destiny 2" game. Posted on Oct. 2, 2016, this theory was discussed 11 months before the official release of the video game on Sept. 6, 2017. That meant that the game was in early development at the time so this was just a Reddit user throwing out some thoughts - and they were very close to what gamers received.

First, WootzDiadem pointed out "The Vault of Glass 3," a grimoire card that hints at a future where the Tower is destroyed.

The Ghost sees the ships warping through space with torn banners and shards from the Tower.

The "Destiny 2" theory is that the Cabal was responsible. The idea is that a Cabal attack on Earth would cause people to retaliate and scatter to other planets.

WootzDiadem pointed out how we took instant vengeance on anyone who attacked us in the past as proof this could happen again if the Cabal attacked.

More Grimoire Cards

The next grimoire card looked at is Cabal 4. This shows the desire of Cabal to kill the Guardian. The Skyburners indicates that the Cabal will enter our solar system while Cabal 3 shows we have only fought scouts - which means that they might have been planning this all along.

Check out those two "Destiny 2" grimoire cards below.

The "Destiny 2" Reddit theory then suggests that if Cabal wants to hit the Guardian, they will head for the Tower - and also take out the Traveler as well. The next thought is that they could attack in an air strike or kill all Vex located on Mars or even send Mars into the Earth.

So, what happened? In "Destiny 2," a Cabal warlord forced Guardian out of the Tower and then sapped the light from the Traveler. The most disappointing thing is that this Reddit theory was developed thanks to grimoire cards - and those were removed from "Destiny 2," so the fun in speculating things like this is now gone.