When the trailer hit for the new "Destiny 2" DLC "Curse of Osiris," a lot of fans got excited when they head that a fan-favorite gun was making its way back into the game.

As the image above shows, someone is holding a gun that many fans claimed was the popular Thorn. However, as the second and third photos show, when zooming in on the shot, Reddit user Uberwolf points out that it doesn't look like the Thorn at all and appears to be just a classic revolver with an Iron Sight.

The 'Destiny 2' Thorn

Bungle announced this past Monday that the "Destiny 2" "Curse of Osiris" DLC expansion pack will hit on Dec. 5, something we predicted here back on Oct. 18. Bungie also released the trailer for the expansion pack at the same time. Check out the "Curse of Osiris" expansion pack trailer below.

Watch that "Curse of Osiris" trailer and at the 01:10 mark, there is a shot of two warriors leaping through the air. That is where the alleged Thorn gun was seen. and "Destiny 2" fans immediately started to suggest that the gun was the Thorn.

One YouTuber named Mesa Sean pointed out a number of "Destiny 1" exotics from the trailer, including the idea that the "Curse of Osiris" DLC will bring back the Jade Rabbit. That weapon is the exotic scout rifle that has been exclusive to the PlayStation until this fall. It looks like Xbox One players may finally get to use it now too.

A second identified weapon from the trailer is the Telesto, which was an exotic fusion rifle from "Destiny 1." This is expected to be a weapon dropped from raids, as a reward in "Trials of Osiris" or maybe as a purchase from Xur, Agent of the Nine.

Keep in mind that it is likely that the only way you can get these weapons is by picking up "Curse of Osiris." However, as Mesa Sean points out, despite many fans claiming that the weapon in the trailer is the Thorn, Mesa Sean said it makes sense but is not clear whether that is the weapon.

What do we know about 'Curse of Osiris'

The first DLC trailer for the "Curse of Osiris" expansion pack has caused a lot of speculation, which is always fun as gamers await the release of this new adventure for "Destiny 2." But what do we know for sure about this new expansion pack?

As we mentioned, the launch of "Curse of Osiris" will be on Dec. 5, which lines up with the same timeframe that "Destiny 1" released its first DLC pack as well.

As for the story, players will travel to Mercury to deal with an army of machines known as Vex. Osaris is there, an old ally who is fighting the machines, but the trailer teases that he may not be a friend.