The latest updates for the new "God Of War" sequel reveal the possible Release Date of the game. Twitter username Wario64 posted a screenshot of the launch date at the PlayStation Store and video game fans are skeptical whether this is legitimate or not.

Santa Monica Studio plans to release the game in early 2018 and they have not made any comments regarding the leaked PS4 launch date. There are also new details about Kratos facing the Norse god of thunder, Thor, as a boss character in the sequel.

PS4 release date revealed?

According to Wario64, the PlayStation Store listed the release date of the "God of War" sequel on March 22, 2018.

However, GameSpot reported that the date has been changed and it is now placed on Dec. 31, 2018.

While Sony and Santa Monica Studio have not yet made any comments regarding the leaked release date of "God of War," the game will definitely launch next year after both companies release a new gameplay teaser during the Paris Games Week event.

For now, video game fans will likely expect more details from Sony and Santa Monica Studio regarding the new "God of War" sequel at The Game Awards or the PlayStation Experience. The game was first announced at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, and game director Cory Balrog assured video game fans that the story and gameplay will surpass previous "GoW" titles.

Kratos vs Thor boss battle

Kratos will have a fateful encounter with the Norse god of thunder, Thor, in the sequel as he will explore the uncharted lands of Norway along with his son, Atreus.

Thor's presence was first teased in "The Dead Stone Mason" story trailer wherein the frost giant, Themur, fought the latter and was killed by him on Midgard.

The Ghost of Sparta will fight monsters from Norse Mythology such as the Fenris Wolf, Soul Eater, and the Midgard Serpent. They will also encounter other deities in the story.

The game's combat system is more brutal and direct as Kratos will fight hordes of enemies using his new enchanted ax instead of his famed Blades of Chaos. The father and son team-up system will allow players to create smooth combo attacks towards their enemies.

Atreus can use specialize arrows to fight and taunt hordes of enemies to distract them. He can also cast spells and translate ancient Norse language to solve in-game puzzles. Atreus will try to challenge his father to make him more effective in battle as the game progresses. Kratos will guide his son throughout their journey as he balances being a brutal warrior and a caring father.