In this week's issue of Jump magazine, Bandai Namco revealed that the shogun assassination arc and farewell Shinsengumi arc will both be in "Gintama Rumble". The release date for the English version of the game will be January 18, 2018. It is the same date as the Japanese version. The game will feature 8 chapters of the story in total. The first chapter is the Benizakura Story Arc. This will be the first "Gintama" action game. Players will be to control Gintoki, Kagura, Shinpachi, Katsura, and Shinsuke. There will be support characters that players can call on when they need it.

Shogun assassination arc

This story arc will be the 6th chapter of the game. It is a pivotal point in the Gintama anime. It takes place between episodes 300-307. From this story arc onward things are never the same in the series.In this chapter, a plot to assassinate the shogun was uncovered. The Shinsengumi is tasked with the job of protecting the shogun. The Shinsengumi get an unexpected surprise when the Odd Jobs trio is enlisted to also help protect the shogun. Both must work together against Takasugi and the Harusame. A ghost from Gintoki's past also makes an appearance.

Zenzou Hattori and Ayame Sarutobi will appear as additional assist characters. Ayama Sarutobi runs a thrift shop that punishes corrupt merchants.

She is also in love with Gintoki.Zenzou Hattori is the successor to the Hattori clan. He was the leader of the Oniwabanshuu. In typical Gintama style, characters will have wacky special skills. Players will fight in Iga village and there will be 3 different modes.

Farewell Shinsengumi arc

The Farewell Shinsengumi arc is the 7th chapter in story mode.

It immediately follows the Shogun Assassination arc. What happens in 6th chapter causes the events to happen in the 7th chapter. Instead of trying to save the Shogun the Shinsengumi are trying to save their leader Kondo Isao. Hijikata the demon vice-chief must make a choice that will change the lives of the Shinsengumi forever.

Will they become rebels and save their leader? Will they just accept the fate that was handed to them?

Sasaki Isaburo, Oboro, and Utsuro will only appear as enemy boss NPCs. The gameplay style will be similar to Dynasty Warriors. Katsura and Kondo will get special costumes in this story arc. Hijikata will get a new costume in this arc as well. The Mayo Bazooka will be available as a special move for Hijikata. The stage for this chapter is Kokujou Island.