It’s been a while since I’ve opened my "Pokémon GO" app, with this new update it might be about time to give it another try and see what I can catch. I've been a big supporter of the franchise and when it first came out I was really excited. Who wouldn't be? The ability to walk around your town and searching for your favorite Pokemon. No brainier. Sign me up. A report by "Pokemon GO" Hub provided some of the information used in this piece.

It was one of the first, if not the first, to come out with a game that incorporates your own town as the playing field.

In this day of age where almost everyone stays indoors playing games, it really helps get people out of the house.

With the latest update to "Pokémon GO," Niantic Labs has added a new AR Plus mode to the game, bringing a new look and feel to the augmented reality. Apple will release an update sometime this week for iOS 11 devices. That being said, unfortunately, the release date of the Android update is still unknown.

Whats new with 'Pokemon GO'

The new update brings a new way of capturing Pokémon called expert handler. Expert handler will allow you to sneak up to a pokémon and catch it without it knowing, allowing for easy capturing. Capturing a pokémon in this way will give extra XP, Stardust, and the possibility of getting Great and Excellent Throw bonuses.

AR Plus mode will incorporate awareness, allowing pokémon to be aware of your presence (movement) so you can walk closer to the pokémon (proximity). When you get closer to a pokémon it can get scared and flee, so being able to get closer and to jump from the bushes helps. If you end up scaring a pokémon and it runs away, you can tap some long grass and maybe it will reappear so you can get that one last try to catch the one that almost got away.

One thing that I’m looking forward to is the new scaling update. With the new scale, AR Plus places pokémon in a fixed position to allow the trainer to sneak up to a pokémon, which in turn enlarges the pokémon as you get closer. The pokémon will look more their size while the AR Plus is on. The data is taken from the game series database so when you look, at say, a Charizard by a tree, he will look 5’7”.

I am ready for the update

The new update for "Pokémon GO" may revitalize my love for the game. When it first hit the stage, it made a huge impact, making news all around the world, bringing people together that might not have got together otherwise. Then the hype slowly died down, and you started to see fewer people walking around at 2 AM. When released I look forward to what it has in store. I just hope my dog doesn't try and eat the Pikachu I'm after.