The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" reveal new game content for this month and for next year. Game director Hajime Tabata announced during the Active Time Report that the sequel will have a free Character swap update and more DLC character episodes.

The Japanese video game publisher looks to expand the sequel's story by adding more game features and DLC content to keep "Final Fantasy" fans interested. They have also streamed a new gameplay trailer for the character swap update.

Character swap feature

According to Hajime Tabata, the character swap will be a free update for "Final Fantasy XV" and it will allow players to switch Noctis to Prompto, Gladiolus, or Ignis.

The gamelay styles of the three characters will be similar to their respective DLC episodes.

Gladiolus can deal massive damage using his great sword and can take a lot of punishment. Prompto can use a variety of guns during battle -- from handguns and machine guns to rocket launchers and grenades. Ignis uses his tactical skills to find the enemy's weakness and enhance his own attacks using magic.

Square Enix will likely launch the character swap update alongside "Episode Ignis" on Dec. 13. The DLC episode will feature Ignis trying to save Noctis from the Niflheim Empire after his battle with Leviathan in Altissia. He is joined by Ravus Nox Fleuret to fight the empire in order to save his sister, Luna, and escape the city.

New DLC plans next year

Tabata announced that they will have more DLC plans for "Final Fantasy XV's" story next year and they have confirmed that the next episode will focus on the sequel's main antagonist, Ardyn Izunia. The game director explained during the "Final Fantasy" fan event in Cologne, Germany that the only way to properly tell Ardyn's story is to place him in a new game, movie, or in a comic book series.

Ardyn was the most requested character to have a DLC episode in a Square Enix survey, with Luna coming in second. The Japanese publisher felt that Ardyn's backstory had not been fully explored properly in the the main plot, and video game fans are curious to see how they will incorporate his story into a new game feature.

There is also a new patch update for the "Comrades" online multiplayer mode and it features improved AI comrade generation and shorter loading time.

PC users are also looking forward to the sequel's Windows Edition next year, and Square Enix will reveal more details about it soon.

The sequel is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.