Rocket League, the game developed by Psyonix, which now has a huge multiplatform community and organized a world championship on November 12, will receive interesting Updates in December. The Nintendo Switch version is also ready. So let's see all the Rocket League news.

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch: quality the same as Ps4 and Xbox

The game also comes to Nintendo Switch, the new portable gaming console from Nintendo. The game is already available for Play Station 4 and Xbox One, and this version seems to have maintained the same quality and, above all, the same ability to entertain.

What is this about? Well, Rocket League is a simple and frantic game, where the aim is only one: to make goals. To do this, you have to perform incredible stunts onboard jet cars.

The cars are all eccentric, colorful, and inspired by pop culture or characters from the video game world. (There are also two cars inspired by Samus from Metroid and Mario Bros. in the Switch version). Its freshness has won over a vast community of enthusiasts, with whom you can race online. In addition, the game's progression system is simple but effective, with extra content and countless aesthetic customizations of your car.

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch is the same version as that released on other platforms.

So back multiplayer challenges up to eight players, maps, the car fleet with all its DLC's in the form of vehicles (the Batmobile and the Delorean, from Return to the Future, continue to dominate) and all modes including Hockey and Basketball games are also available. The only novelty of this version is the presence of three new machines, two with Mario and Luigi skins and one dedicated to the Samus ship from Metroid.

Rocket League update: new cars and more

Rocket League is about to update with some new content. The Velocity Crate, a new update of the Psyonix title, will add several things for all players who want to buy the package.

First of all, we see the introduction of a bolide directly from the future: the "Imperator DT5" is a battle-car that exploits synthwave trends to propose a design as aggressive as neon.

Obviously, a similar gem is accompanied by dedicated visual and audio effects directly out of the 80s.

In the Crate, it will also be possible to find other cosmetic items, such as goal explosion, wheels, flags and much more. The Velocity Crate will be available from 4 December 2017.