The latest trailer for "The Last of Us Part 2" that was released during Sony's convention at Paris Game Week 2017 rose many eyebrows.

The recently rolled out trailer comprised a high-level of violence including a scene where one of the characters is shown breaking an arm of a woman with a hammer. As if that wasn't enough, the trailer also showed people hanged, and an arrow going right through the face of another character.

More clues spotted in the new trailer

While the trailer has been deemed extremely violent by multiple sources, PlayStation executive Jim Ryan told The Telegraph during a recent interview that "TLoU2" is a game developed by adults and is meant to be played by adults.

Meanwhile, some viewers were able to look past the violence displayed in the new trailer. They spotted multiple clues that confirm that "The Last of Us Part 2" will be set in Seattle.

The idea that "TLoU2" would be set in Washington State, specifically in Seattle, found its way onto the internet back in August. While nothing was set in stone, a teaser trailer that was released at the time provided more credibility to the theory.

A hawkeyed fan of "TLoU" was able to put different pieces of clues related to the game's location together and share them on Reddit. Now, another trailer has been released, and the same Redditor known as Voldsby has returned with ample shreds of evidence that lend even more support to the idea.

New findings

Voldsby shared a myriad of newly found clues on "The Last of Us" subreddit as well as on the subreddit of PlayStation 4. The Redditor went as far as posting a detailed comparison of various connections that people acquainted with Seattle.

A few road signs are visible at the beginning of the trailer as a female character is being dragged through the daunting backdrop.

Voldsby matched the yellow and green tinted signs with their real-world surrounding via the Reddit post. According to a report by ComicBook, these signs align perfectly with a place based in Seattle.

Towards the end, the trailer features a wrecked police car. The Redditor even compared this vehicle to a Seattle Police Department car and interestingly, more noticeable similarities can be observed.

Apart from the location, fans have also been speculating about other elements of "The Last of Us Part II." For instance, the internet is brimming with speculations about the identity of the female character being hung.

Although details about who the woman is and whether or not "TLoU2" will be taking place in Seattle is hard to come by at the moment, more shreds of information that will either confirm or debunk these reports are likely to surface online ahead of the game's release date.