While trainers patiently wait for gen 3 Pokemon to drop in "Pokemon GO," a lot has been going on with the game as of late. One of the most noticeable changes include the item drop raid changes alongside some minor glitches that were recently discovered.

The subtle change

"POGO" players were given the impression that folks over at Niantic may have tweaked something within the AR game that resulted in the rare occurrences of both potions and revives in PokeStops. Berries and Pokeballs, on the other hand, were not affected by the changes.

Gyms seem to be unfazed by this tweak as some players claim that potion and revive spawn rates are pretty much normal in this part of the game.

Niantic has yet to make an official statement about it if the speculations do fit in the bag.

Meanwhile, a growing number of players are complaining about a Gps issue within the game. A Redditor (ghostoftsavo) recently took to the Silph Road subreddit to ask fellow trainers if they too are experiencing the same.

On GPS issues

Per the Redditor, the player claims that he always gets a "GPS cannot be found" (Error 11) message while playing "Pokemon GO." The message stays on screen for 10 seconds then disappears for 20 seconds before it appears again. The Redditor added that it's an ongoing issue for a couple of weeks now and even went on to state that when he tries to click on a Pokemon/PokeStop or try to use the Calcy IV app, the error covers up the CP.

Fellow trainers/Redditors responded on the post stating that they too are experiencing the same inconvenience. Niantic, on the other hand, still has to make an official statement addressing the issue.

Meanwhile, new raid bosses are now out in the open as "Pokemon GO" players can now battle monsters like Metapod, Ivysaur, and Wartortle.

Albeit being tough to beat, a player can defeat these creatures singlehandedly as this was shown by famed "Pokemon GO" YouTuber Nick Oyzon from the Trainer Tips channel.

The vlogger also said that these new raid bosses could be a way by Niantic to make certain Pokemon available to everyone before gen 3 monsters are officially released into the game.

Oyzon added that the developer may have intentionally set these new bosses to be beaten even by a single trainer since a lot of them haven't have the opportunity or couldn't get fellow players to do the raid. Check out a video of Oyzon providing tips about these raids in "Pokemon GO" here: