Niantic has just rolled out an update in "Pokemon GO" where trainers' avatars can now dress up based on the outfits worn in the tropical region of Alola. However, a growing number of fans have been expressing their concerns about the frequent crashes in the AR title that have been plaguing them lately.

Feels like summer again

In celebration of the upcoming release of "Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Ultra Moon" for the Nintendo 3DS, Niantic released new outfits for the game's male and female avatars that were inspired by the Alola region. These tropical-themed items are now live, though "Ultra Sun" and "Ultra Moon" will be released this November 17.

Game crashes getting frequent

A growing number of "POGO" players noticed frequent game crashes after the recently released updates. It is not yet certain if the patches were behind this, but some players have pointed out some of the activities they were doing prior to the game crash.

Per the Reddit post, some "Pokemon GO" players experience crashes as soon as it is opened. Others who are either close, or remotely observing gyms, are also experiencing the same glitch. This usually happens when players exit the gym. Swapping from "POGO" to another app also seems to trigger the crash.

Trainers using Apple devices suspect that the latest iOS update alongside some recent "POGO" patches may have been causing the frequent crashes.

Some even pointed out that the iOS 11.1.1 update may affect Niantic's anti-cheat as it was discovered to have an additional kernel vulnerability patch that fixes the ability of an app to see other apps that are installed within the device.

Pika pika no more

Meanwhile, "Pokemon" fans might be aware of the recent animated feature film of the franchise dubbed "Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You." The film was well-received by moviegoers, though there is a scene in the film that caused fans to go bonkers.

During the latter parts of the film where both Ash and Pikachu were blown away by an energy blast, the trainer asked his ever-loyal buddy why it didn't go inside the Pokeball? Those who got to watch it were shocked to hear what the yellow critter said.

Kate Bristol – the English voice actor of Pikachu – gave her two cents worth of the Pokemon's famous one-liner.

She stated that the scene is "up to interpretation." Bristol added that "she saw it as something in Ash's mind, though it's up to anyone." The voice actor even went on to say that "it's ok to think it's super weird." Check out a video about "Pokemon GO" here: