Hello, Wonder Woman fans! First off, I want to say that if you haven’t begun reading the DC comics do yourself a favor and set about picking them up. It’s not too late to dive into the tales of your favorite DC heroes.

In this Wonder Woman issue, Grail, daughter of Darkseid, will be the guide for the story. The last time Grail was seen was during the Darkseid war, where she turned her father into a newborn. Since then, Grail has been raising her father by collecting the energy of the "old gods."

In the DC universe, the old gods are divine beings that come from different myths and religions.

Wonder Woman's family comes from Greek deities such as Zeus, her father, and Hercules, her half-brother. Anyone who is a child of an old god has a fraction of the energy that comes from old gods. In order for Darkseid to grow back into an adult and gain his former power, he must collect the energy of the old god's children. However, before Grail's story can be told properly, her past must be understood.

Myrina Black and Grail

Grail and her mother, Myrina, were both first introduced during the Darkseid war. Originally, Myrina was an Amazonian assassin. At some point in her life, she met Darkseid and became pregnant with their child. Myrina decided to keep her pregnancy a secret from everyone except two other Amazonians who acted as her midwives.

The only reason Myrina was able to give birth in secret was because Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, was giving birth on the same day. With everyone in a frenzy about Hippolyta's birth, Myrina was able to go unnoticed. One of the midwives, Menallipe, had a vision and claimed that a war between Darkseid and the Anti-monitor would come to pass because of Grail.

The two Amazons demanded that Grail be killed, but they were slaughtered by Myrina before they had the chance. Myrina rejected the idea and decided to raise Grail to kill her father.

Before Myrina’s departure, she witnessed Hippolyta’s birth of Diana and her twin brother, Jason. Myrina, before was she killed, told this to Wonder Woman, Diana, during the Darkseid war.

Diana was unaware that she had a twin, and a man no less. Since men are not allowed on Themyscaria, home of the Amazons, what was Diana’s brother’s fate? In this issue and the previous issue, a piece of the answer is found.

Jason and Hercules

In the previous issue, Grail fights and kills Hercules, famous son of Zeus. With Hercule’s energy, Darkseid regained some of his strength and ages. Hercules leaves his possessions to Diana in his will along with a note. In the note, he tells her about her brother and gives her Jason’s whereabouts.

This leads Diana to the Aegean coast where she finds her brother working as a fisherman. Wonder Woman, flying above the sea, finds her brother in a boat, and when they see one another, they instantly know that they are siblings.

However, trouble is on the horizon for the twins with Grail and Darkseid nearby.

Grail and Darkseid

In this issue, we see a timeline of Grail after she’s rescued her father from Batman in the ‘Metal Nights’ series. Grail, with her infant father, is hiding away in a remote location as she contemplates on how to raise her father properly to become as evil as he was before. Interrupting her thoughts, the young Darkseid calls for her and begins to speak for the first time. Through his limited speech, Darkseid tells Grail that he needs to feed through the old gods by repeating the phrases “hunger” and “old god.”

After A.R.G.U.S, a secret government agency is killed after their attempt to murder Darkseid and Grail, the two set off to find the children of the old gods.

During their travels Grails ends up killing numerous people for their energy including Reginald Lake, Aegipan, Limos, Palici, Sarah Carrow, Derek Brace, Calisto, Epaphus, Hercules, and lastly Perseus. Darkseid, now age twelve from the energy collected, teleports to the Aegean coast. Grail, ready to terminate Jason, is stopped by her father. According to him, he has a “greater role in mind” for Jason.

What could this ominous plan be for Jason and how will it affect Wonder Woman? Find out in the next issue of Wonder Woman releasing on November 11!