The world of "Overwatch" recently welcomed the latest update labeled as patch version 1.17.2, which went live on November 16, 2017. Along with several other changes, players will finally be able to try out the latest hero to join the roster. Moira is classified as a support character that has the ability to heal and damage enemies using her Biotic Orbs and Biotic Grasp. She can also teleport short distances using her Fade skill and simultaneously damage opponents and heal teammates with her Ultimate ability, Coalescence. Shortly after her first official reveals during Blizzcon 2017, she was made available in the Public Test Region (PTR) for PC users to test her out and submit feedback.

Moira and her role in ‘Overwatch’

The new addition to the team-based shooter is practically considered by most gamers as a hybrid support character. She is apparently best described as a healer that plays a more offensive role in the team. Unlike other support characters that usually hang back and only move in to recover or revive team members, players can opt to have her join the frontlines. Her Biotic Grasp can lock on to opponents and drain their health, while her healing can target multiple friendlies bunched together. She can also participate from afar using her Biotic Orbs, which can likewise be set to hurt or to heal. With Coalescence, her Ultimate skill fires a beam that passes through barriers and deals damage to enemy units but heals allies that are caught in the stream.

Background story

Blizzard Entertainment reveals that the former scientist is affiliated with Talon, the game’s main antagonists. Her history is somewhat deeply involved with Reaper’s current form.

A short background story also reveals that "Overwatch" was against Moria’s practices, which seem to violate some of the ethical boundaries set by society. She eventually found acceptance with the terrorist group who encouraged her to continue her research.

Hero balance changes

With the introduction of Moira, Blizzard Entertainment also included some minor tweaks and character balancing.

A few “Overwatch” heroes received some tweaks and others where nerfed and buffed. Winston and Lucio received some tweaks which now shows barrier health and effect icon during spectator mode respectively. Ana receives a welcome buff that increases the damage dealt by her Biotic Rifle from 60 to 70.

Sadly, Mercy fans will notice that the winged healer has been dealt another nerf. Her Resurrect ability is now much slower with a 1.75-second delay, which also slows her movement down by 75% while casting. Furthermore, other heroes with skills that can stun, hack, or knock back are now able to interrupt her while reviving her fallen comrades.