Popular DJ Ninjaman (Desmond Ballentine) will finally receive a verdict for his High Profile murder trial.

Ninjaman along with two accused, including his son Janiel, is standing trial for the 2009 fatal shooting of Ricardo Johnson.

The trial has been going on for eight years, with various mistrials and mention dates, however, Justice Martin Gayle issued an order for an immediate trial. Closing arguments were made Monday, and a verdict is expected sometime this week.

The Trial

Ninjaman, his son Janiel, and one accomplice named Dennis Clayton stand accused of being involved in the fatal shooting of Ricardo Johnson back in 2009.

Since being arrested and charged in connection with the murder, there have been 17 mistrials and 23 mention dates for Ballentine.

At one point Ninjaman even suffered from chest pain during a trial, resulting in him being hospitalized.

However, Justice Martin Gayle was not having any more mistrials or stays in the case. Ninjaman’s attorney, Valerie Neita-Robertson, filed a motion for a stay of proceedings for abuse of process. But Justice Gayle refused the application and ordered the immediate trial of Ninjaman and his accomplices.

The coming verdict

Things are not looking good for Ninjaman, his son Janiel, or the other accomplice Dennis Clayton.

The trial began back in mid-October and one month later, Monday of this week, closing arguments were given by the attorneys.

A verdict is set to be passed down sometime this week.

The prosecution has argued that while all three were involved in the fatal shooting of Ricardo Johnson back in 2009, it was Ninjaman who pulled the trigger and fired the shots that killed the man.

One witness, who was part of the police’s Witness Protection Program, testified stating that two shots were fired at him as well.

However, he managed to escape the fight, but Johnson was fatally wounded during the altercation.

There hasn’t been a motive or reason for the shooting released as of yet, but judging by the order for immediate trial by Justice Gayle and the short month-long proceedings, it does not look good for the three defendants.

The facts so far are that the Ninjaman and his co-accused are on trial for entering a yard in Olympic Gardens back in 2009 and fatally shooting Ricardo Johnson.

The arguments from both sides have been made, the jury is currently in deliberations, and it appears that after eight long years, there will be a resolution to this case within the week.