Xcom 2: War of the ChosenGame Designer Joe Weinhoffer recently discussed the multiple layers of this new expansion. He explained how they designed it, how it worked, and how they created it.

The game designer also revealed the difficulties he faced in the design process for the new expansion. He also discussed what the new features added to the strategy layer of the base game. He pointed out how the new features made it more interesting and its extension of the gameplay experience.

Goal of adding new systems to the strategy layer

Weinhoffer revealed that game developers’ primary goal was to make the players feel more connected to the game’s world.

They wanted them to get immersed, and engaged with the game, which is more alive and responsive with this new expansion.

The developers wanted to have more unique characters and personalities to make it a new experience for everyone again. These new characters would make the players connected to the resistance with their emotional attachment. They also wanted a more diverse squad, which increased the investment of the players and fans.

The new strategy systems that were implemented in the new expansion completed the goals that the developers wanted. Players were constantly invested in the game with the two new features, which were Covert Actions and Resistance Orders. The enemy bosses called The Chosen also had their own strategies, which made players more engaged on how to prevent them from getting ahead.

Making Geoscape fun with new narrative elements

Weinhoffer revealed that the new faction leaders and The Chosen were the biggest contributors in making the Geoscape fun again. Even the small propaganda announcements from ADVENT or the Resistance Radio in the bar made the gameplay more worthwhile and interesting. He also said that the Radio DJ was a risk they took because they thought it would not connect with the fans, but they were glad that they added him.

Difficulties in the design process for the expansion

The game designer revealed that “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” had difficult parts in the design process. They had difficulty in figuring out where to stop in pushing the new strategic system before it became hard to follow for the player. To make it not too complex for their audiences, they stepped back, thought about what they really wanted to create for their audience, and modify features if necessary.

New features made gameplay more flexible

The new features in “War of the Chosen” made the gameplay more flexible in creating personal strategies. The new mechanics let players have an active role in choosing strategies that can counter their enemies. This allowed a more dynamic gameplay than the base game, and it was also more engaging for everyone.

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