PlayStation’s 2017 Paris Games Week finally kicked off, and the first day already had a lot of announcements. One of the biggest reveals in the conference was the new trailer for the sequel of “Last of Us.”

The new teaser for “The Last of Us Part II” gave fans a sneak peek of some of the new characters. None of the original main characters such as Ellie and Joel showed up, but Naughty Dog already confirmed that they'd back. In fact, the two starred in the first trailer of the sequel video game that was released 10 months ago.

New characters in 'The Last of Us Part 2'

The new video reveal opened up with a tied-up unidentified woman being dragged by two men. The woman looked up to see corpses hanging above her. She finally understood what they were trying to do to her, so she tried to fight them off, but they were able to put a rope around her neck, hung her, and placed a bucket below her, which was enough to let her hold on to her dear life.

While the woman struggled, another new female character appeared, and it looks like she’s going to force out information from the former. This female leader held a knife against the hostage, and muttered something about an “other apostate.”

However, before the second woman could threaten any more details from the hostage, a young girl was dragged in by the two men, and this was when things got brutal.

One of the men started hitting the young girl’s harm with a hammer, and shortly after they’ve done enough damage, a young boy named Lev arrived to save the girl.

Arrows flew and darted inside the enemies' bodies, and the young girl still had some fight left in her. The female leader was eventually killed when the girl drove a hammer through her skull.

The two young ones also decided to save the hostage, and it was revealed that she used to work for the people who almost killed them.

Shortly after the fight with the humans, the three teamed up to face a swarm of Infected that suddenly appeared. The trailer of “The Last of Us Part 2” ended there.

More details for ‘The Last of Us’ sequel

In September, a teaser poster was released, which featured a hand holding a hammer. Fans thought it was Joel, but the new trailer finally revealed the true identity of the holder. However, Naughty Dog and Sony have yet to reveal further details on these three new characters, who are certainly going to play pivotal roles in the sequel’s story.

The first “The Last of Us” video game was released in 2013 for PlayStation 3, and it was one of Sony’s bestselling games. The sequel was confirmed last year for PlayStation 4, but the developer has yet to announce the official release date of the video game.