The Last Of Us 2” is one of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive titles. Ever since it was revealed in PSX 2016 Naughty Dog has been tight-lipped about the release date of the upcoming sequel. Official details about the game are also scarce, if not elusive. Fans are resorting to speculations and hidden images because of the lack of information from the developer. However, recently, new information surfaced online that excites the gaming community. In an interview, the game’s composer reportedly hinted on the potential release date of the sequel.

Release date

Recently, “The Last of Us 2” composer Gustavo Santaolalla gave an interview to an Argentinian radio show. The interview was picked up by Vorterix and was uploaded to YouTube by a user named RobinGaming. Viewers of the said video tried translating the interview. Santaolalla discussed his time working with the game. He candidly mentioned that the much-awaited sequel could be released in 2019. The composer, however, was quick to say that he does not exactly know when the second game installment would be released.

Interestingly, the composer noted that a project like that by Naughty Dog usually takes at least a couple of years to make. He also revealed in the interview that he has been working on the project for about a year already and will resume his work after his October 28 concert.

Santaolalla also shared that he will be in New York to continue working on the game.

The game composer’s statement is not a confirmation of the game’s release date. Instead, he is giving his own estimate for the duration of the project. 2019 might be a good estimate since the game developer might have just started devoting its resources on the upcoming sequel after the release of “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.”

Other details

Hally Gross co-wrote the upcoming game installment from Naughty Dog.

She is known for her work in the popular HBO series “WestWorld.” Niel Druckmann previously confirmed Gross’ participation in writing the story of the game.

Meanwhile, the second poster of the game was recently released in celebration of the fourth Outbreak Day celebration. The developer also released a PlayStation 4 theme based on the game.

Several players claim that the new poster contains a subliminal image of a wolf. Other fans believe that the hidden image could be the confirmation of the presence of wildlife in the upcoming sequel.

The Last of Us 2” will be exclusively released on PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog has not yet provided its release window.