For "Pokemon Go" players, don’t be surprised if another update comes your way. According to multiple reports, another patch is on its way for both Android (0.77.1) and iOS (1.47.1) to address its long list of bugs, including the celebrated curve ball bug.

As mentioned in a previous post, Curveballs for the game were not returning the proper bonuses they should be giving. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with them, curveballs are executed by players when they add some spin on the PokeBalls before they are released to hit the targeted pocket monster/s.

The latest major update will reportedly fix all that, giving augmented reality players the necessary bonuses for their extra effort.

More experience bonus, better chances at Legendaries

With the new patch, "Pokemon Go" players should get the necessary experience bonus with curveballs. Aside from that, this means that hooked gamers can also get better chances when they come across Legendaries which normally have a 2-percent base catch rate, Game Rant reported. Curveballs up those chances, giving players a multiplier to their odds of catching.

Other improvements to expect

According to the patch notes, there are tons of other fixes to look forward to. That includes confirmation dialogues when attempting to transfer costumed pocket monsters and a fix for network errors which occur during gym battles.

In all, it seems that a lot Pokemon Gym and Raid Battles have been patched up to give gamers a smoother performing mobile game. With the lengthy list of fixes, it remains to be seen if other or new bugs will emerge. “Pokemon Go” is far from perfect, meaning it remains a cat-and-mouse game for developers who closely monitor forums and player feedback for issues.

Perfect timing for Halloween event

The fixes come in the nick of time considering most augmented reality players are bracing for the upcoming Halloween event. As mentioned in another previous post, another round of freebies is expected by most which will likely be set towards the latter weeks of October.

Similar to 2016, increased spawns and more bonus candies are likely.

Other than those, most are eager to find out the special critters to catch. Gen 2 Pokemon could be one of them while others are speculating for the possible coming of Gen 3 pocket monsters. So far, Niantic has yet to reveal details of the 2017 Halloween event for “Pokemon Go.”

With most of the recurring bugs fixed, the timing is perfect with the plethora of events Niantic has been holding. Raid Battles have kept most busy the past months despite erratic gameplay like unfortunate game crashes. It would be wise to check if the update is available. Gamers are encouraged to apply the patch and hopefully, have a better gaming experience.