As part of their annual Outbreak Day celebration, Naughty Dog revealed, more details about the highly anticipated sequel “The Last Of Us 2” on September 27. Since its grand reveal during the PSX 2016, fans have not heard any other details from the long-awaited action/adventure title.

The game developer released a new poster for the upcoming sequel on 26 September. In addition to the new poster, fans can also enjoy the new PS4 system theme. Furthermore, players can check on other game merchandise, which includes a new shirt with the game’s title written on it.

Outbreak Day

On Naughty Dog's official website, senior communications manager Scott Lowe announced Outbreak Day" According to Lowe, September 26 marks the day the infection hits critical mass in the first game installment. This year, the developer is celebrating the fourth year of Outbreak Day. New kinds of stuff about “The Last of Us 2” are now available for players to collect.

New poster

The game developer released the new poster today. It is a follow-up to the poster that was launched last year. Artists Kevin Tong and Mondo are the brains behind the brand new poster inspired by the upcoming action/adventure title. This will be available as a timed-edition starting at 10 AM Pacific Time on September 26 until running until 10 AM PT on September 28.

It will available at MondoTees website and will not be available after the given dates.

PS4 Theme

Players who want to customize their PlayStation 4 can also get theme inspired things from the upcoming sequel. The brand new theme was inspired by the world reveal trailer from last year’s PlayStation Experience.

It is set in an unkempt street with a massive stop sign, and graffiti from the introduction is depicted in the latest theme.

Included in the new theme is the audio from the trailer, distinct key tones, and cool animated effects.

The game developer also revealed that they will be hosting a plethora of great deals at the PlayStation Store for the entire week. There is a new T-shirt scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation Gear Store today.

While Naughty Dog has not revealed any new details about the long-awaited sequel, it is only a matter of time until fans will dissect the recently released poster. It is expected that theories and speculations about this new poster will flood online after this recent announcement.

Last of Us 2” is set five years after the events of the first game installment. It will star Ellie and Joel.