It's been two months since "The Evil Within 2" trailer was showcased during E3. Since then, fans have been clamoring to find out more about the upcoming third-person survival horror video game that is the sequel to the 2014 Tango Gameworks offering. Set for an October 2017 release, the upcoming game still follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos in search of his daughter, who he know finds out is still alive. The creepy first trailer showcased back in June showed images of a burning house, a scary man, crows, and everything else that nightmares are made of.

But what kind of journey will Sebastian go on this time, now that he knows Juli Kidman betrayed him?

Upcoming game offers more 'freedom' through open maps

One of the interesting things about the 2014 horror video game from Tango Gameworks was the large maps that players could explore. However, "The Evil Within 2" game director John Johanas told Gamespot that they understood just how important it was for players to not stay in one place too long. He said that "from a gameplay perspective," staying on one place "gets boring" and makes players "numb to the situation." That's why they decided to "pace it out and give people fresh experiences, then flip things around. You think you're used to something, and you just flip it around and take them to a place they'd least expect." Shinji Mikami explained that they designed the game to be a "theme-park ghost mansion," with "more open maps and stages." He explained that in the sequel, there is a "higher degree of freedom" for the player.

More than one antagonist in the game?

"The Evil Within 2" lead writer Trent Haaga also hinted about what's to come in the upcoming game. He told Gamespot, "It's not really much of a secret, but there might be more than one antagonist, that's all we can say." He also echoed the sentiments of game director John Johanas, saying that when players think they have it figured out, that's when things start to become crazy again, making the game unpredictable and exciting.

Of course, players should still expect the crafting system present in the previous game to also be in the upcoming game. The sequel to the 2014 game was first developed in 2015 and is now hitting both consoles and PC later this year.

"The Evil Within 2" is directed by John Johanas, produced by Shinji Mikami, and written by Trent Haaga and Hajime Ishimine. It will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 13.