Electronic Arts (EA) has already confirmed the inclusion of Darth Maul as well as Kylo Ren (latest films’ main antagonist) in its forthcoming action shooter video game, “Star Wars Battlefront II.” Now, the video game company revealed that the prequel will feature one of the most iconic fictional characters ever, Darth Vader. EA also shared additional details about the abilities of the character in the title.

According to PlayStation Blog, EA made it known that Darth Vader is fully controllable in the “Star Wars Battlefront II.” Players can utilize the character’s signature moves within the game.

Also, Vader gets even stronger as the villain becomes furious during the battle, so the hits of the character distribute more destruction and Vader becomes a lot harder to destroy.

The official page of the “Star Wars Battlefront 2” provided brief video clips of Vader in action and the clips seem to feature the dark side of the Force slashing his way through the Death Star, Yavin 4 and Rebels on Jakku. While Star Wars enthusiasts would love to witness Darth Vader fighting Darth Maul, but it’s reasonable for the video game not supporting a villain vs villain battles.

Similar to the game’s first installment, Vader will be able to utilize a number of tricky force techniques to strike opponents at a distance.

Vader will have the ability to throw his elegant lightsaber weapon spinning far ahead of the character and the weapon can rip through adversaries before returning to Vader’s hand. Whether a player is going up against an enemy or enemy troops, this will allow a player to take the enemies by surprise and could give them some early damage.

Iconic force choke

Vader will also come with his iconic force choke, a telekinetic strike that can be launched from a distance. Players will be able to lift their enemy off of the ground in this force choke and they will also have a brief control of their positioning.

Gamers will be able to customize the abilities of Vader with Star Cards.

Regardless of the configuration a player chooses, the player will be delighted by Darth Vader’s ability and his durability.

Game’s beta version

Meanwhile, EA also announced that it is extending the game’s beta version until October 11, according to GameSpot. So far, feedback on the game's beta appears to have been broadly positive. EA launches the shooter video game on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.