The latest updates for "Star Wars Battlefront 2" reveal the possibility of the sequel being ported to the Nintendo Switch game console. Motive Studios producer David Robillard assured gaming fans that Electronic Arts will make good on their promise to extend the reach of the game to the next generation of video game consoles.

EA also revealed the length of "Battlefront 2's" story mode and the importance of the game's female protagonist, Iden Versio in the "Star Wars" franchise.

Nintendo Switch version coming soon?

According to David Robillard, EA will not rule out the possibility that "Battlefront 2" will be added to the Nintendo Switch console if they are given the opportunity.

"This is something we'll explore if we see opportunities there, but it is not something that's on the books right now," Robillard told GameSpot.

For now, the sequel will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms in November. The Nintendo Switch version could happen depending on the sales value and success of its launch. The sequel is run by EA's Frostbite game engine, which has not been incorporated into the Switch.

The publisher had to use a custom engine for "FIFA 18" to work properly on the Switch, so it will be hard to tell if the Frostbite engine can be optimized for the new console.

Campaign Mode length

Robillard announced how long it will take players finish to "Star Wars Battlefront 2's" campaign mode as he told Press Start in a separate interview that it will take them five to eight hours to finish the story.

The producer added that he and the studio wanted to stay driven toward the sci-fi franchise's lore that the players are going to experience and not have it drawn out.

The sequel's story will center on Imperial Special Forces Commander Iden Versio, and her tale will connect the events of the "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens." She and her father, Admiral Versio will execute Emperor Palpatine's final plan, Operation: Cynder to eradicate the Rebellion and the Jedi Order.

Iden will also be a playable character in multiplayer mode and her arsenal includes a pulse cannon, force field generator, and a Stun Droid to incapacitate her enemies.

While EA is excited to tell the sequel's story from the Empire's perspective, some of the fans are not pleased with the idea of another female lead into the franchise.

Robillard defended Iden's case because he believed that "Battlefront 2" is all about empowering female characters, and Iden embodies that principal as she is not afraid to show the emotional side of her character.

The sequel will be available on Nov. 17 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.