Fans of "Destiny 2" have been curious about what is coming down the line and some fans on Twitter asked Bungie community manager David Dague about the chance for a new Festival of the Lost Halloween event. According to Dague, fans may see "Festival of the Launch" again but Season 1 of "Destiny 2" is about "launch and ritual activation" and fans should look forward to "The Dawning."

Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost was a slightly polarizing event, with many fans enjoying playing the event while others believed it was just a way for Bungie to make more money off players, taking a lot of the fun away from the entire experience.

Of course, at the end of the day, it was all about gaining cosmetic items and it all came down to whether gamers had fun or not.

From the sound of the Twitter responders to the question, Festival of the Lost was something a lot of "Destiny" players enjoyed. These festivities are something that players can look forward to as each holiday comes near and Halloween offered one of the more entertaining events of the entire year.

However, "Destiny 2" just came out and most of the work by Bungie was to release the new game and then make sure that any problems were addressed in the first DLC. That left little time to work on the special Halloween based event. The good news is that Dague makes it sound like the Festival of the Lost event could return in 2018.

See the full Twitter conversation below for more details.

The Dawning

While Festival of the Lost might not return until 2018, "Destiny 2" offers gamers a chance to play The Dawning, a limited-time event starting on October 24.

Instead of being a Halloween-based event it is a winter-themed event. While gamers have been able to play soccer at the Farm, The Dawning will allow players to play hockey and throw snowballs at other players.

"Destiny 2" players can gain winter-themed cosmetic items in The Dawning, so it is basically the same sort of event as Festival of the Lost but without the Halloween-flavor.

There is also Dawning-themed armor available to win in this special event.

As mentioned, The Dawning launches on October 24, which hopefully will appease some players who are disappointed in the loss of Festival of the Lost as well as the news that Bungie canceled two Trials of the Nine events as well while it is trying to patch a bug.

The Dawning will also come just in time for the release of the PC version of "Destiny 2," which goes on sale on the exact same day. This is part of the newly announced Seasons for the game, each with its own unique theme.