Back in July, Nintendo introduced "Splatoon 2," a team-based third-person shooter video game that features Inklings and uses colored ink in combating opponents. This weekend, the game received some awesome new updates in the form of a new map and weapon. According to Eurogamer, the game has just added the new Snapper Canal map and Bamboozler 14 Mk 1 weapon for players to explore and utilize. Here's what to expect from the new content.

New map and weapon added

With the new free update, "Splatoon 2" players can now explore the Snapper Canal map, which Gamespot reported was first revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct.

The new map is actually a waterway located under an active railway bridge. According to Eurogamer, players will have to figure out how to get into the central area and then push through the opposing team's base. Players should note that the new Snapper Canal map is available in the Turf Wars stage roster, so they can check it out there.

Game adds the Bamboozler 14 Mk 1

In addition to a new map, the free update for "Splatoon 2" also features the Bamboozler 14 Mk 1, a Charger-style weapon that was in the game's predecessor on Wii U. Players may enjoy utilizing the Curling Bomb and Tenta Missiles that the weapon is equipped with. Back in February, producer Hisashi Nogami shed light on how they treated weapons in the sequel to the original "Splatoon" game, in an interview with Nintendo Everything.

He shared that the Special Weapons were all given "makeovers" and that they planned to release them "gradually." He also explained that "We plan to have more weapons than the first game, with the available choices at the start being more numerous than the original. But I wanted players to once again enjoy the changes in the weapon trends as new ones are steadily introduced."

Splatfest coming soon for North America

Meanwhile, in other "Splatoon 2" news, Polygon reported that the next Splatfest for North America will begin this Friday, October 13 at 9 PM PT.

This time, gamers will have to decide between Vampires and Werewolves, as announced by Nintendo in the following tweet.

New content arriving gradually

As promised earlier this year, new content for "Splatoon 2" will arrive gradually.

In an interview with EDGE Magazine (via, producer Hisashi Nogami shared that "we’d like to introduce things one by one, once we’re in a position to be able to properly convey them...players will again be able to enjoy seeing the game grow and expand over time, while having fun with the new weapons and special weapons as well as the new modes and play styles."

"Splatoon 2" is now playable on the Nintendo Switch.