Facebook Ceo, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the company’s highly irresistible VR deals. This was stated at Wednesday’s VR developer conference. The VR offer is one of Facebook’s newest campaigns towards making virtual reality a daily habit to billions of potential users all over the world.

Featured products

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, blasted out the idea of offering great VR deals to revolutionize the way people use social media and incorporate the latest technology to contemporary everyday living. One of the most exciting VR offerings is the Rift with its big price drop of $100.

The Oculus Go was another product featured at the VR developer conference at the price of $199.

The Oculus Go will be released sometime in 2018. This mobile VR headset loses its wires and attached computer, and the sensors needed for powering the Rift.

The Oculus’ humble beginnings

Facebook started to expand its horizons into the VR technology when Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, owned Oculus in 2014. Oculus, as a startup company during that time, was bought for over $2 billion.

Firm and optimistic view toward the future of virtual reality

Mark Zuckerberg believes that Facebook is the “go-to company” for individuals wanting to own VR gadgets such as the Rift and the Oculus Go. According to CNet, one key factor here is that analysts and app developers think that VR headsets are too costly to attract a massive target market.

This proves true for the Oculus. Reports said that during Oculus’ first year of release, the sales were quite slow at only 250,000 units. However, when the price was dropped twice, the demand for the headset grew rapidly.

Regarding the Rift, no sales data were directly given. Instead, Mark Zuckerberg talked about the power of the gadget to change our everyday perception of things and actions, and even our reactions to customary living.

Facebook – Oculus and the highly competitive market

During the three-year period that Facebook in owned Oculus, the closest rivals to this giant social network were HTC’s Vibe for $599, Google’s Daydream View for $99, and Sony’s PlayStation VR for $400. Microsoft is even partnering with companies like Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, and Dell to create headsets that work with Windows software.

These sell at the low price of $300 each.

Although Zuckerberg, strongly believes that Facebook will achieve its highest hope of saturating the global market with its VR offer, some still view it as a challenge. However, the CEO firmly believes in his dream to achieve that goal.