Blizzard Entertainment has announced that its annual online event for its popular first-person shooter video game will be kicking off soon. This year’s OverwatchSummer Games will also include several various features and upgrades to make the event more interesting.

On August 1, the developers revealed that they are officially bringing back their first ever seasonal event for Overwatch.” Director Jeff Kaplan has graciously revealed the developer’s update for the said video game and discussed what’s going to take place in the upcoming event.

Kaplan explained that there will be tons of features returning during the Summer Games event.

However, there are also significant changes to the event that will make it better and more challenging for the avid players.

The developers confirmed that “Overwatch” Summer Games will begin on August 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The seasonal event will run until August 29.

What’s coming back?

Kaplan has revealed that the special themed skins and cosmetic items from last year’s Summer Games will be back at a reduced and normal loot box price. Players can now purchase Legendary Skins for 1,000 credits, Epic Skins for 250 credits, and Rare tier for only 75 credits.

Players can still opt to receive these old items through random loot boxes, which can either be bought or earned via matches.

The developers have already assured avid gamers that they have worked out a way to cut down the number of duplicates on the rewards from the loot boxes, so that will not be much of a problem.

Blizzard Entertainment is also bringing back the fun Lucioball multiplayer mode but they revealed that tweaks have been made to it. The Lucioball will take place in the interactive version of Sydney’s stadium.

What’s new this year?

The tweaks for Lucioball multiplayer mode include a change in the mode’s ultimate. The developers have also made sure that players won’t be able to “boop” on the enemy goal. They will also introduce a competitive Lucioball multiplayer mode that ups the stakes for players.

Aside from the old themed skins, the developers will also be rolling out a new set of skins and cosmetic items for this year’s “Overwatch” Summer Games.

Kaplan has confirmed that Roadhog won’t be getting anything new but assured fans of Junkrat, Mercy, McCree, and Widowmaker are in for a huge treat as they’ve prepared something mind-blowing for these heroes.