Capcom announced the new and fifth main title in the Monster Hunter franchise at Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (E3) just last month. The unveiling of “Monster Hunter: World received a great response from avid gamers especially those who were fans of the old versions.

The new video game is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in the first quarter of 2018. However, the release date for the Microsoft Windows version has yet to be announced by Capcom.

Old weapon types to return

“Monster Hunter: World” boasts of amazing computer-graphic quality and an open world, which players can explore to their hearts’ content.

Just like the previous installments, it is an action role-playing game that applies the third-person perspective gameplay.

That’s not the only thing that Capcom’s bringing back as it has just been announced that they will also be using 14 new weapon types inspired from “Monster Hunter 4 and “Monster Hunter Generations,” which were released in September 2013 and November 2015, respectively. The developers even released new trailers just to showcase each weapon type and what they will look like in the upcoming video game, Gamespot reported.

Light weapons

The sword and shield is a great choice of weapon for beginners. The dual blades are perfect for those players who prefer quick but concise attacks, especially when set on Demon Mode.

The long sword is also back and it’s great for combo attacks. The long-ranged weapon light bowgun is back for players who choose mobility and rapid fire over power.

Heavy weapons

Of course, there’s always the great sword that lacks speed but makes up for its earth-shattering attacks. The new video game will also reintroduce the hammer, which is another heavy powerful weapon that lacks mobility.

The classic lance is for players who wants to have both great offense and defense since it allows the hunters to attack monster keeping their guard up. Another ranged weapon is the heavy bowgun, which uses different kinds of powerful ammo and deals heavy damage thanks to its massive shots. Players can also opt for the gunlance, which can slice and shoot monsters.

Technical weapons

A variation of the sword and shield weapon is the charge blade, which allows players to morph the weapon from sword and shield into a huge powerful axe. The switch axe can deal heavy damage and it is a variation that can change between a swift sword and long axe.

The insect glaive is just as nimble as the long sword and it’s for players who are experts in aerial attacks. There’s also the hunting horn, which is also considered a heavy weapon and it’s also great for support because of the buffs it can give. The bow is another long-ranged weapon, which is usually recommended to players who opt to support the team when going hunting.