"Pokemon Go" players are expectedly busy right now with the Halloween event kicking off. The Gen 3 pocket monsters are starting to pop up with Sableye already spotted in the wild. More are expected to come out, but the main problem most are having is figuring out where.

starbucks, known for partnering with Niantic in the past, may have made things easier. The coffee company has announced "Lure-A-Thon" which gives augmented reality players higher chances of catching the new ghost-type critters.

Time-constrained and only in select branches

"Lure-A-Thon" should be good news for folks eager to come across and snag the latest Gen 3 Pokemon.

However, gamers may want to take note of the details of the event.

One is that the increased chances of catching the latest Pokemon will be between 3-6 p.m. from Oct. 20 to Nov. 2. The other is that "Lure-A-Thon" will only be hosted at participating outlets, Game Rant reported. There is no official word on which Starbucks branches are sure to host the event for now.

Regardless, folks who happen to be at one of the branches of Starbucks will have to check it out for themselves. If not, word on which branches do host the event should spread fast – particularly through social media. These places are expected to be crowded although some may end up trying to get as close as possible and hopefully catch one of the Gen 3 pocket monsters.

Best recourse is to explore

The Starbucks initiative is nice but apparently business-related. Similar to past events, special drinks are likely to be offered. "Lure-A-Thon" should reel in the die-hard “Pokemon Go” gamers though most may not necessarily be around to enjoy a cup of coffee or one of those tempting frappucino drinks.

Other establishments may host the same lure event, something that could be announced in the coming days or weeks. For those bent on getting those Gen 3 pocket monsters, the best recourse seen right now is just to get up and go.

Sableye has started to appear and with a shiny variant at that. Most are eager to see which other Gen 3 pocket monsters are coming out and if these will remain after Nov.

2. Also, some are hoping the game serves can hold up with old and new gamers expected to log on and see the new critters plus changes made by Niantic.

"Pokemon Go" game servers have been so far holding up even if there are occasional hiccups and game crashes to this day. With the entry of new pocket monsters in the mix, most are hoping that the app does not die down especially when they are on the verge of capturing the elusive Pokemon creatures.