Niantic is currently holding the “Pokemon GoEquinox event, one that gives trainers plenty of perks and rares for the high augmented reality game. However, the event has not been spared from bugs with most dealing with problems on the double “Stardust” payouts.

Pokemon Go” players took to Twitter to voice their complaints, and it seems Niantic was keeping track. According to Game Rant, the issue tied up to the double “Stardust” rewards for the Equinox event has been resolved. This means players can finally get the right “Stardust” payout, one that factors in heavily for trainers wanting to power out their Pokemon.

Smooth sailing for "Pokemon Go" players

With that issue on double “Stardust” resolved, trainers can finally heave a sigh of relief for the duration of the Equinox event. However, that is not the only benefit “Pokemon Go” players can look forward to.

Aside from being rewarded double “Stardust,” active players also get the chance to get special 2-kilometer eggs. Ideally, these are Pokemon eggs that most would not pay attention to since it returns common and less-powerful pocket monsters. That is not the case for this event with Niantic offering players the chance to rare Pokemon and triple their XP once they are registered.

For the people who are into purchasing special stuff on “Pokemon Go,” there are special event boxes that may be of interest.

These contain helpful items such as “Super Incubators,” which should be a big help in hatching those pocket monsters better.

Sidelight to the "Pokemon Go" raids

The fix on that “Stardust” functionality is something though potentially not the main concern of some augmented reality players. The Pokemon EX raid battles have been keeping most gamers busy, a good chance to catch legendary critters like “MewTwo.”

The EX raid battle system is currently being tested, meaning only selected players are able to see if they have the skills to nab “MewTwo.” There is no official word yet on whether Niantic would relax that invite-only scheme.

Regardless, Niantic continues to work on the improvements to give augmented reality players a more stable game. In a previous post, an update was quietly rolled out to provide a better way of assembling teams.

Teams would normally be assembled based on stats, but the new patch now focuses on high stamina and a reliable health pool.

The update addresses the previous issue tied up to “Chansey.” The pocket monster does satisfy both (stamina and health pool) but had low chances of figuring prominently once the raid battles commenced.

The patch may have addressed that problem through the assembly of able pocket monsters is still up for debate. More updates are expected to follow as Niantic works round-the-clock to ensure that “Pokemon Go” players stick around for more.