Pokemon Go” players have recently reported having problems with the PokeStops. Interestingly, Niantic Labs appears to be fixing this major issue as players claim many PokeStops are recently pulled out. On October 11, the popular augmented reality game suffered a major problem when all the PokeStops and Gyms are surprisingly giving out a couple of items for every visit instead of the typical three to five items for every stop. Despite the recent issue, it appears that the developer has a lot of things in store for players as revealed by Niantic Labs’ CEO.

Latest major glitch

Since the glitch in the PokeStops and Gyms in “Pokemon Go” was reported, Niantic Labs tried to immediately fix the problem. The developer addressed the issue by restoring a backup version of their system. This explains why there were many missing PokeStops since the recently added ones were not included in the backup version. The most recent reboot performed by the developer brought back the drop rates of the items to their original level.

The PokeStops and Gyms that were removed will most likely be back in the next few days. As soon as the developer has already fixed the issue, these gyms will soon be added back to the popular augmented reality game.

Other details

Meanwhile, several fans are speculating that Niantic Labs must be up to something.

Recently, the developer has forced players to download the latest update twice. When this happens, it follows that Niantic Labs will implement something. This could be related to the recent statement shared by Niantic Labs’ CEO John Hanke with the Taiwanese magazine Business Weekly.

According to Hanke, the secret weapon that would be released in the augmented reality game would include the new species of pocket monsters.

Fans believe that the CEO is referring to the Gen 3 creatures that were recently discovered through data mining activities. Data miners found 135 Gen 3 Pokemon in the game’s codes. Aside from that Hanke also mentioned that the team has plans of working on social interactions of players in the game. He also revealed that a new battling system will arrive in the game in 2018.

Recently, the Halloween event in “Pokemon Go” for this year was accidentally revealed. Fans are looking forward to catching more Ghost-type and Dark-type pocket monsters when this event kicks-off. It appears that the game developer is preparing more activities and exciting surprises for the massive player base of the popular augmented reality title.