'Stardew Valley' was originally released in February last year for Xbox, PlayStation, Mac, and PC. The farming game quickly became a favorite among many people, making it quite popular. It was recently released for the Nintendo Switch, bringing a whole new experience to the game. Those who haven't played the game before may be wondering if the game is worth purchasing.


Your characters starts off working a boring job for the corporation that owns Joja Mart, a store that is stealing all business away from the small farming town, Pelican Town.

However, you receive a letter that your grandfather has passed and left you his farm in this town. You quickly leave your job and make your move to Pelican Town, taking over the farm.

It plays a bit like "Harvest Moon" and "Story of Seasons." You wake up at 6:00 AM every day and have limited energy to use to work on the farm. For the first several days, you spend all of your time clearing out rocks, trees, and weeds. This uses a lot of energy, which can be bothersome. When your energy is low, you have to go to sleep or risk total exhausting, which will halve your energy supplies for the next day. Sometimes your character has to go to bed as early as noon to replenish their energy. After all of the tedious work, you're able to gain just enough money to purchase your first seeds.

You plant them, water them, and wait. Eventually, you will grow a head of cabbage or a bean sprout. You can eat what you grow for energy or sell it for money for more seeds.

There are several things to do in the game aside from farming. There are many areas to explore, but you have to be careful about keeping track of time.

It's also possible to earn money through fishing and mining, although you have to watch for monsters in the caves. Like "Animal Crossing," there is a museum where you can donate interesting things that you find in the game. Your abilities grow as time passes throughout the game, allowing for more updates to your farm and time to explore different hobbies.

Playing on the Switch

The game on the Nintendo Switch brings a totally different gaming experience. The Switch is handheld and portable, which allows you to take your farm wherever you go. The graphics are great and the game fits really well on this console. It's extremely easy to get lost in this game, whether you're in the car or sitting on your couch. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from trials in your real life, and "Stardew Valley" on the Switch offers just that experience.

The game can be slow and taxing. It takes a lot of time to build everything and get to where you want to be. However, that makes the game even more rewarding than it would be otherwise. It's a nice cross between games that we've had before, but it's still very unique on its own. Now we just have to wait for multiplayer to be released- and it's coming to the Switch first.