Players of the popular augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” has a lot to look forward to in the coming days. Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke recently revealed the timeline for the release of two of the much-awaited features in the hit augmented reality game. PvP Battle and Gen 3 pocket monsters are two of the highly requested features that fans have been longing to see in the game. In the past, the CEO has been positively confirming that the two features will soon arrive in the game. It is Hanke’s recent interview that sheds light to his previous statements and excites the players.

Latest interview

CEO John Hanke recently revealed in his most recent interview the upcoming plans for “Pokemon Go.” In his interview with the Taiwanese magazine Business Weekly, Hanke provided a very informative timeline for some of the much-awaited features in the popular augmented reality game. Among the topics that were given updates includes the arrival of the gen 3 pocket monsters, the players’ ability to battle with other players, and the social features of the game.

Upcoming plans

When the CEO was asked about the game’s next ace in the hole, he responded that there is still a lot of pocket monsters that have not yet been launched. He added that the next secret weapon would be the arrival of the next generation of creatures.

The CEO is obviously referring to the arrival of the Gen3 monsters. Data miners recently reported that discovery of 135 new pocket monsters that were first seen in the Sapphire and Ruby installments of the franchise. These Gen 3 creatures were found in the game codes, and with Hanke’s statement. Fans are hoping to see them after the Halloween event.

When asked about the PvP Battle, the CEO responded that they are planning to develop a new battle mode for the popular augmented reality game. Although Hanke confirmed that they have plans for a new battle mode in the game, he said that it would be several months away from release. The new battle system is estimated to be released in 2018.

Social interaction

The CEO also revealed that they are working on several ways to increase social interactions among players. This is to promote coordination within local communities. This will be very useful to most players especially those who are into Raids. High-Level raids require multiple players to be successful. The game must have a way to promote easy communication among players.

Pokemon Go” players are excited with the latest announcement. However, they are not that enthusiastic since Hanke has been talking about the PvP battle for almost a year now.