Square Enix released the update 4.1 for “Final Fantasy 14,” which is also called The Legend Returns. The update brings a lot of new features, such as new quests and a new raid. The Legend Returns also brings changes in the game's battle system, as well as several changes to some characters. Square Enix also included a new Japanese-themed housing district in the update, as well as new dungeons where Players can farm valuable items.

New raid, quests, and dungeons

One of the main highlights in the 4.1 update is the new raid called Return to Ivalice.

It brings players to the city of Rabanastre, which was featured way back in “Final Fantasy 12.” Players should be at Magic level 70 and an item above level 305 to enter the raid. It is also recommended that players should create a group of 8 players or an alliance of 24 players to make the raid much easier. Players will be rewarded once a week after finishing a raid.

Square Enix also removed the weekly restriction on rewards in Omega: Deltascape. The Legend Returns also brings a lot of new quests, which follows the end of Stormblood. This will make players busy again, especially for those who have already finished all of the quests. The update also adds a new dungeon called the Drowned City of Skalla.

Players are also required to have a level 300 and above item and a level 70 Magic level to enter the dungeon. There is also a new trial called Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain. It can only be accessed by finishing the Stormblood and Songs in the Key of Kugane quests. Players are also required to have a Magic level 70 and an item with 320 level and above.

New housing district, character and battle system changes

The Legend Returns also brings a new housing district, which is located in the city of Kugane. The new housing district is called the Shirogane. It features 12 wards where players can buy their house. Players can choose from small to big Japanese-themed houses.

Aside from the new housing district, the update also brings changes to several characters in the game, such as the Warrior, Lancer, Ninja, Machinist, Summoner, and Scholar.

Players can expect more balanced characters in The Legend Returns update. It also includes fixes in the game's PvP system. The update also adds new Triple Triad cards, as well as new purchasable prizes using MGP. The Legend Returns also adds new hairstyles and emotes. This will give players more options to customize their characters.