“Pokemon Sun And Moon” first released on the 3DS late last year. The seventh generation featured plenty of new monsters to catch while rehauling the gym system. Instead of traveling to towns and taking down gym leaders, players have to partake in Island Challenges instead. Nintendo is still supporting the game by releasing some new content - specifically Pokemon. That said, the next batch of special Pikachus is finally available.

Sinnoh Pikachu

According to GameSpot, the “Pokemon Sun and Moon” promo has just been updated, allowing players to get a new version of the special pikachu.

This week, fans can unlock the Pikachu wearing Ash’s Sinnoh hat from the anime. It comes with a Pikashunium Z which activates its special Z Move, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt. Similarly, it also knows the following moves: Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Quick Attack, and Thunderbolt. To claim it, you have to select the Mystery Gift option from the menu and input the “PIKACHU20” code.

That said, there are six special Pikachus in this ongoing promo. The event kicked off on Sept. 19 and featured the electric mouse wearing Ash’s original cap. The week after, players had the chance to claim the Hoenn hat Pikachu. There are still three more special Pikachus after the current Sinnoh cap version. Take note that you can only use the code once, so make sure you pick which Pikachu you want.

Another free Pokemon

Aside from Pikachu, Nintendo is also giving away a free Charizard, as per another GameSpot report. The fire-type can only be claimed via a card with a download code available at participating Target stores. The promo is until Oct. 14, so you have enough time to head to your nearest retailer. This special Charizard comes at level 50 and knows the following attacks: Flare Blitz, Fly, Earthquake, and Dragon Dance.

Similarly, it also comes holding a Red Card.

Once you have your card, head over to the Mystery Gift option in the main menu. From there, select “get with code/password” and insert the download code from your card. Once that’s done, head over to the nearest Pokemon Center and talk to the deliveryman to claim your Charizard.

In other news “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will be getting an updated version later this year.

Titled “Ultra Sun and Moon,” the game will feature a completely new story in the “Pokemon” universe. While the main cast will be returning, there also seems to be some new characters in the mix. This version is slated to arrive this Nov. 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.