Grinding Gear Games released a new Update for the Xbox One version of “Path Of Exile.” The update brings several gameplay changes, such as Spectre and Desecrate features. The update also brings a lot of bug fixes in the game. Grinding Gear Games also brings two new unique items in the update. They also bring several changes on some interactions in the game.

Gameplay changes

The update brings changes to Spectres and Auras where players can still use them after logging out or disconnected from the game. Spectres will also no longer receive a level deduction when they are summoned in a specific area.

The update also allows Desecrate to create monsters based on the current monster in a certain map. Aside from the gameplay changes, Grinding Gear Games also added two new unique items, which are named Malachai’s Mark and Dialla’s Malefaction. The update also allows players to complete the Plaguemaw V Prophecy in the Crystal Veins or Crystal Ore Map. The Xbox One update also improves the game's performance in The Shaper’s Realm. Grinding Gear Games also disabled the Socialising help panel. They also added new interactions when using flasks in the game, where the effect of a flask will not affect the character's minions anymore.

Bug fixes

There are a lot of bug fixes in the Xbox One update of “Path of Exile.” First is the issue where flasks are not removing the bleeding effects to a character properly.

The bug where the Brutal Fervour does not remove the Crimson Dance bleeding also got fixed. The update also fixed a lot of improper behavior of flasks. The bug where negative status effects can still affect the character even after using the Yugul Pantheon is also fixed. The issue in the self-damage on Static Strike that is not being received or applied to the character correctly is also fixed.

The issue where the Chill status effect of The Pandemonius lasts for two seconds instead of one is also included in the fix. Several lava traps that are not being defused after killing Izara were also repaired. The issue where two Darkshrines appear in a map instead of one, which makes the game unbalanced is also solved in the update.

The curse effects that are not being applied to players when fighting Curse Pylons is also fixed. The bug where players speak incorrect dialogues when talking to Navali is also solved in the update. The Xbox One update also repaired some audio issues in the game. Players that are being disconnected when trying to rename their characters are also included in the fix. Some minimal issues in the boss fights and progression system of the game are also fixed in the Xbox One update.