Blizzard Entertainment announced through Twitter that the “Overwatch” Halloween Terror event will start on October 10 and will run until November 2. The teaser video attached to an accompanying Twitter post does not reveal much, but it is enough to get game enthusiasts excited about the annual event.

GameSpot reported that the event will come along with new skins as well as cosmetic items for different “Overwatch” characters. Gamers can also get Reaper and McCree’s new Halloween-themed skins.

Players to unlock spooky new Legendary character skins

Based on the teaser, the “Overwatch” Halloween Terror event will likely feature the return of Junkrat's exclusive PvE mode, dubbed Junkenstein’s Revenge.

According to Dot Esports, players will likely be able to get the Junkenstein skin of the international criminal, Junkrat. “Overwatch” players will also be able to unlock spooky new Legendary character skins. Last year's PvE mode had gamers collaborating with three other players against shambling zombies. In the campaign, gamers were able to go against some of the game’s heroes, such as Mercy, Roadhog, Reaper as well as Junkrat and his Monster.

Blizzard Entertainment is expected to share more official information on the “Overwatch” Halloween Terror event leading up to its launch date, providing enthusiasts an idea of what they will be able to unlock. However, if the game’s previous events have shared any sort of a sign, players will have several to unlock during the event.

Previous events of the video game, such as the Year of the Dragon as well as the 2016 Christmas event, gave “Overwatch” players amazing stuff to unlock, so the upcoming event should be no exception. Fans are hoping that the event would be long enough for every player to build up their valuable loot crates.

Mercy update

Meanwhile, the first-person shooter video game’s latest Public Test Realm update has launched a huge change for Mercy on PC.

The Valkyrie ultimate ability of the field medic has been tweaked so it does not instantly reboot the cooldown of the character’s Resurrection.

Although Mercy’s adjustment is in the testing phase on the video game’s PTR, it could eventually be available to all gamers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, the adjustment of the character has received a mixed reception on the video game’s forums, so it will be interesting if the video game company will once again change the field medic before any update gets an extensive release.