“Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” is set to expand its official roster with the addition of five more DLC characters from both Capcom and Marvel universes. Latest reports suggest Capcom will be adding Venom, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Sigma.

Interestingly, a data miner was able to uncover the Concept Art of these five DLC characters from PC version of “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.” The new images of the upcoming fighters made their way on Reddit recently. They were posted by a gamer named Futcharist, who claimed to have discovered the concept art in a game file from PC version of the game.

DLC characters concept art

Apparently, Event Hubs stated that the concept art only teased an early look and does not actually indicate their final build of the characters at launch. However, fans seemed to already rave about what they have seen so far.

Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and Black Panther resemble the same heroes in the latest live-action Marvel movies. Venom, on the contrary, gets his mainstream look, with his gigantic body shape and not the leaner Topher Grace in “Spider-man 3” starring Tobey Maguire.

Also, Capcom recently revealed Monster Hunter as sixth DLC character for “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.” However, the character’s concept art was not included in data mined file.

Spider-Man alternate costume

In more news, players who own a copy of the game have their chance to get a special alternate costume for the web-slinging hero, Spider-Man. They simply need to buy the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” movie on consoles to receive a code and access the exclusive the character’s Superior alternate costume.

As the film launched digitally this weekend, it seems that there are already some who got access to the special DLC costume. On Twitter, a gaming enthusiast shared a set of screenshots of the costume in all four available colors.

See all four images in the tweet below.

The first color is default while the subsequent palettes are Spider-Gwen, Superior Venom, and Iron Spider, respectively.

On the other hand, another Reddit user already posted a GIF that showed off the Superior Spider-Man costume, which validates the information in the tweet above.

Other updates

Interestingly, the label of this set of outfits indicates wave 1 and notably, every pre-order costume is labeled wave 2. Thus, it looks plausible that there will be two costumes that would be available for each of the characters in the roster.

Also, the Xbox Store listed the Superior Spider-Man costume at a price of $3.99. The listing hints that the DLC skin will be offered for a standalone purchase at some point.

“Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” is available now on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC.