Injustice 2” is one the most popular fighting titles in the gaming world today. It has introduced a wide variety of DC Comics superstars and other guest characters like Raiden and Hellboy. It has the Fighter Packs, which introduced new characters for players to relish while enjoying a refreshing addition. Recently, NetherRealm Studios released the trailer of one of the new characters included in the upcoming Fighter Pack 3—Atom.

Meanwhile, Raiden was released in the game in the early part of October while fans are waiting for Hellboy to be a playable character.

Many exciting things are happening in the fighting title that leads some fans to wonder if the game would be playable in the hybrid console too.

Latest interview

During the Brazil Game Show, Gamespot was given the opportunity to talk to the creative director of NetherRealm Studios, Ed Boon. The gaming site asked Boon about the possibility of the “Injustice 2” being released on Nintendo Switch. The creative director said that it could be done with a few shortcomings. Boon explained that at the end of the day, any game could be playable on any gaming platforms. While the creative director is optimistic about the idea and revealed that he is exploring the possibility, nothing is official yet.

According to Boon, Nintendo Switch is a different architecture and even noted that it is not really that easy like jumping from PlayStation 4 to the hybrid console.

He further revealed that if ever the game would be released on Nintendo Switch, they would need to set up something in like an external team. He further said that they have plenty of talents in their art team to do three consoles, which he believes they have to work out.

Other details

Ed Boon even explored the gamer’s perspective of playing their fighting title.

He said that players could have tournaments where everyone can play using their own system with structured tournaments and parallel gameplay. However, the creative director stressed out that it is possible but not happening now. Boon further revealed that the team is currently focused on the DLC or the Fighter Packs that are regularly released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Meanwhile, NetherRealm Studios has resolved the issue with the lost gears and skins that have rocked “Injustice 2” community recently. The patch that was intended to fix a glitch wiped the gears and skins of players who have downloaded the patch on September 25.