The latest updates for "Injustice 2" will feature the next DLC character joining the sequel's all-star cast, Ryan Choi, a.k.a. The Atom. With his size-changing and molecular manipulation abilities, The Atom can change the tide of the battle against the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Darkseid in the game.

Who is Ryan Choi?

In the DC comics, Ryan Choi is Dr. Ray Palmer's protege and the fourth person to don The Atom superhero legacy. The suit allows him to change his size on an atomic level and enhance his physical abilities. Ryan can be as small as an actual atom or grow as large as a skyscraper.

NetherRealm Studios launched a gameplay teaser for The Atom in "Injustice 2" showcasing the latter's size-changing abilities as he goes toe-to-toe with several DC heroes and villains that would normally overpower him. Ryan can also manipulate the atoms around him as he can fire ion blasters and create atomic shields for protection.

The Atom will be included in the sequel's third DLC pack along with two unannounced characters and he is scheduled to launch in December. The first DLC pack featured Teen Titan members Red Hood and Starfire, and "Mortal Kombat" character, Sub-Zero. The second batch featured Black Manta, Hellboy, and "MK's" thunder god Raiden with Black Lightning as the latter's premium skin.

Other possible characters for DLC Pack 3

With The Atom joining "Injustice 2's" third DLC Pack, comic book and video game fans are still wondering who the two remaining characters joining the roster will be.

NetherRealm Studios producer Ed Boon previously teased the inclusion of Spawn and "Watchmen" characters Rorschach and Doctor Manhattan.

Fans also speculated that DC characters John Constantine, Vibe, Ra's al Ghul, Zatanna, Hawkgirl, Sinestro, Etrigan, Katana, Doomsday, Enchantress, and Raven will be included for DLC pack 3.

For now, the studio released Raiden into the roster this week, along with a new patch update that fixes lost character gear items. NetherRealm will be working on the promotional materials and gameplay trailer for Hellboy, as he is speculated to launch next month.

There is also the possibility that "Injustice 2" could be ported to the PC platform as Amazon France and Dutch retailer website GameMania posted the deluxe edition of the game. Boon stated during last year's San Diego Comic-Con event that the chances of a PC version are "pretty likely" to happen given the first game became available on the platform.