Frontier Developments revealed next year's roadmap for “Elite Dangerous.” According to the company, Players can expect tons of new features that include the ability to share massive mobile base, which offers convenient features, such as fueling, rearming and more. “Elite Dangerous” will also receive new weapons and ships, along with massive improvements to ship navigation. Frontier Developments also confirmed that there will be more updates to come before the end of 2017.

New weapons, ships, and the squadron

According to Frontier Developments, players will be able to have more powerful weapons on law enforcement ships.

This will allow players to defeat criminals much easier. Another upcoming feature is a number of new ships. One of them is the Chieftain, which looks like a large fighter ship with a very high armor. The company also announced that they will add a reworked version of the Krait, which is known to be included in the game's previous versions. There will also be a new service in the ship, which will give players different tips or guides while flying.

Frontier Developments also announced a new feature called the Squadron. According to the company, it will allow players to create a group. A Squadron should also buy fleet carriers, which is described as mobile bases where players can refuel, respawn and rearm their ships.

It will make things easier, especially when a Squadron reaches a lot of active members. Players can also expect different fleet carriers that offer different features. The Squadron will also feature hierarchies, which has the power to manage memberships or positions in a group.

New storylines, graphical improvements, and minings system overhaul

Frontier Developments also revealed that the game will receive new storylines next year. However, they haven't revealed what kind of story it will be. The company also announced that they will bring changes to the game's graphics. Due to this, players can expect much better visualizations next year.

Considering that the game already features amazing graphics, the company seems to make it even more realistic. Frontier Developments also confirmed that they overhaul the game's mining system. According to them, players will be able to have more options when mining resources. Pilots will also receive rewards when mining a certain asteroid. Due to this, players can expect that the mining system will not be a problem anymore next year.