Guardians looking for an efficient way to level up are usually advised to participate in Public Events. Unlike the first game, “Destiny 2” automatically marks the location of both the active and upcoming events, which makes it easier for players to track and fast travel to those areas. Once activated, participants have the option to turn the difficulty up a notch, which also rewards more XP and supposedly better loot. However, Bungie has not officially revealed the drop rates for these activities, but some players took it upon themselves to figure out the numbers and share them with the community.

Experience and loot during Public Events in ‘Destiny 2’

Game Rant reports that the group participated in a total of 100 Public Events, which was then divided in half. 50 of those were done on regular difficulty and the remaining 50 were done on Heroic. According to their recorded data, Heroic events reportedly had a drop rate of 146% for rare items, while regular ones have 94%. Meanwhile, Legendary items appeared to only drop for regular events with an 8% recorded rate. Lastly, Exotics have a 6% chance to appear during Heroic events and 2% during normal settings. “Destiny 2” is expected to receive future balance patches and changes that might affect these numbers.

Glimmer and other stuff

Further data gathered from their grind revealed that Guardians who have maxed out their Glimmer receive other items instead.

The team did not record which type of Public Event ended up with Legendary loot, which obviously should not affect the overall drop rate for the rewards. Given the current information, it appears that grinding through these in-game activities should be enough to get Guardians up to their desired level.

Since Exotics have a better drop rate during Heroic events, most players would opt to activate it every time.

However, it does not seem to be worth it based on their research. Unless there are enough people to ensure victory during the harder version of these activities, gamers should just stick with the regular mode and reap their rewards.

Other options for better gear

“Destiny 2” features other options for players to earn higher-level gear.

Besides Heroic Public events, Guardians can attempt to complete their weekly Milestones, which allow them to earn powerful gear from the NPCs at the Tower. Those who love PVP can go for the Trials of the Nine, while the Leviathan raid remains as another alternative to gain exclusive gear. Faction Rallies can be another source of better items as long as gamers earn enough tokens to redeem from their respective groups.