Some awesome changes are coming to "Ghost Recon Wildlands" this week, as the PvP mode titled "Ghost War" will finally go live. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Ubisoft just released a new video detailing what to look forward to when the new mode goes live tomorrow, October 10. "Ghost War" will let players who own the base game enjoy a 4v4 team deathmatch all for free. In it, they can choose among 12 soldier classes, each with their own unique weapons and skills. They can also team up to explore as much as eight maps, and use the new mechanics, such as "suppressing fire and sound markers," which will help players cover their positions.

They will also have to hone their skills in situational awareness and work together as a team to tackle their enemies.

12 classes featured in 'Ghost War'

The "Ghost Recon Wildlands" PvP mode, which launches tomorrow, October 10, will feature 12 classes, including Artillery, Enforcer, Tank, Scout, Sniper, Pointman, Tech, Sentinel, Medic, Diversionist, Assassin, and Ranger. According to the game's official website, each class will have a "different playstyle and loadout," and each team must assemble their group of players to maximize their strengths. Players should note that Assault classes are great medium range fighters with strong firepower, while Marksman classes are excellent for long-range shooting.

Meanwhile, Support classes are skilled at "changing the rules of the game" through their superior technology.

Strategic battle among maps

Ubisoft invites players to the new "Ghost Recon Wildlands" PvP mode that is set in "large, open environments," which will force players to adapt to difficult terrains and unpredictable weather.

Of course, these environments will also help make or break gameplay. Players can use the environment to "deal damage, create diversions," or even use the storm to hide from enemies.

More updates coming soon

According to Gamespot, the new "Ghost Recon Wildlands" PvP mode isn't the only new content that's set to arrive at the game.

Now that "Ghost War" is moving from beta to the actual game, players can also look forward to what Ubisoft promised: "regular updates and new content" after launch. While waiting, players can get their hands on "Ghost War" and engage in best of three, 10-minute rounds with their teammates. "Ghost Recon Wildlands" is now playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.