It seems like the Nazis are not the only invaders in the game “Call Of Duty: WWII.” Cheaters and hackers have also flooded the game in its open beta version that ended recently. Three days after the beta version was launched, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software received several reports of cheaters using aim-bots on the game despite the Valve’s Anti-Cheat System for Steam. Several fans are worried that aim-bots and other third-party programs might easily access the full version of “Call of Duty: WWII.”

What are Aim-bots?

Aim-bots was the most common program used for the “Call of Duty: WWII” beta version.

Aim-bot is a program that can accurately pinpoint the exact location of an opponent. Cheaters who use this type of program can easily aim for their enemies. All they have to do is to pull the trigger. There is less than a month before Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software will release the full version of the game. But can the developers really stop the cheaters?

How will the developer stop the cheaters?

According to a report from GameSpot, the beta version of “Call of Duty: WWII” did not feature the complete anti-cheat/hacking technology made by the developers. Activision, the game publisher, also said that it plans to launch the anti-cheat system on the game’s complete version. The developer assures that they are extremely serious about making the game “cheat free,” and it is their top priority to promote a clean and fair game.

Beta version was a success

“Call of Duty: WWII” open beta has been a huge success even though the developers were flooded with complaints. Several fans and players joined the open beta. In fact, the beta version had more players compared to the first week of “Call of Duty: infinite warfare.” The beta version hit a peak of 65,000 concurrent players, which is 460% more than the “Infinite Warfare.”

According to GameRanx, the “World War 2” open beta also surpassed the “Call of Duty: Black Ops III," which had only 63,000 players in the year 2015.

The number of players was pretty remarkable. It means that the players are more excited to play old-school and use classic weapons instead of the modern ones. But even though the beta version did well, it does not mean that players will also support the full version of the game.

For example, the beta version of the FPS video game Lawbreakers has been successful.

But now “LawBreakers” is even struggling to achieve 300 concurrent players worldwide. The developers will officially launch “Call of Duty: WWII” on November 3. The game will be playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.