Arms” has been one of the most popular fighting games on Nintendo Switch. It offers a lot of exciting features that fans really love, especially the character's ability to stretch its arms and perform different combos. Nintendo released a new Update for “ARMS.” It is called the update 3.1.0, which adds a new versus stage, as well as several bug fixes. Players can also expect a much-balanced gameplay after the update as Nintendo included a lot of character adjustments in the 3.1.0 update.

New versus stage and bug fixes

One of the main highlights of the update 3.1.0 is the new versus stage called the Sparring Ring.

According to Nintendo, the Sparring Ring features a basic square arena without any hidden gimmicks. The Sparring Ring was also used in the Warm-up minigame. The latest versus stage can also be used in ranked matches.

Aside from the new versus stage, the update also adds new Electro-dance version of the game's original soundtracks. The 3.1.0 update also Brings several fixes for the game. First is the issue where the arms of Guardian and Clapback are not expanding properly while playing in the Hedlok Scramble. The update also fixed the issue where the rewards for the 1-on-100 would change if a player tries to search for a ranked match.

Character changes

There are a lot of character changes in the 3.1.0 update.

First is the increased mid-air distance travel for Ninjara while performing a mid-air mist warp. Sparky's retraction speed has also increased in the update. The update also increased the extension speed for Megawatt.

Slamamander also received an increased extension speed while its retraction speed got decreased. Biffler also received an increased retraction speed in the latest update.

Blorb's retraction speed also got increased.

The damage multipliers for rush attacks for Blorb also received adjustments. The update also brings several changes to Funchuk. First is the increased time span for its retraction, as well as adjusted damage multipliers for rush attacks. The issue where Funchuk is dealing an increased damage when performing rush attacks in online play was also fixed in the 3.1.0 update.

Funchuk's ability to block an opponent's throw even if it was a successful throw attack is also included in the fix. Clapback received a decreased rush attack damage, while Chilla received a decreased curving. The update also decreased Phoenix Thunderbird's homing abilities. The Nade Tribolt Chakram's speed of charge attack also got decreased in the 3.1.0 update.