Sony recently released the latest firmware update to PlayStation 4.Update 4.74 and like the other non-full version updates that were previously released, it appears to do certainly nothing. Interestingly, the update seemed to have several issues when it was launched. The problem must be bad as even Sony is telling people not to download the latest update until it is fixed. In the patch notes for the latest update, the changes listed include improvements in the system performance. In other words, the update simply rolled out stability improvements, which the console is popular for.

Update 4.74 issues

There are several claims right now that the most recent update cuts access to the Beta of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 Update 5.00.

This is the next major update releasing in the popular Japanese console soon. It appears that the update has an effect to those who are currently in the 5.00 Beta. The console maker discovered several constraints that limit the users on the things that they can do. This is the reason why Sony is warning users not to download the most recent update yet.

According to Sony, updating to 4.74 from 5.0 Beta will result in not being able to revert back to 4.74. It will also reset the order of the content displayed on the home screen. In addition, the download links that were previously deleted will appear again on the home screen.

There are also other items that will be deleted. Moreover, games that were downloaded using the 5.0 Beta might not start properly after updating to the most recent update.

Players will have to delete and download the game again if this happens.

Good news

While there are several restrictions if the player updates from 5.0 Beta to 4.74, there is also good news out of it.

Unlike other fatal issues, updating the Beta will not result in turning your PlayStation 4 into a brick. in addition, it will not prevent the user from connecting to the PlayStation Network. Users are looking forward that the gaming giant will soon find the fix to latest restriction to address the issues.

Meanwhile, Sony has not yet released any information related to the next update for the 5.0 Beta.

Fans are looking forward that the much-awaited major update will be released before 2017 ends. Major features and changes are anticipated to be included in the upcoming update. For those who have not yet updated their PlayStation4 with Update 4.74, please take note of the limitations and proceed at your own risk.