“Total War: Warhammer 2” is touted as one of the highly anticipated AAA titles coming to Windows PC this month. To keep the hype going, Creative Assembly previewed new content and confirmed additional details that will certainly put a smile on the face of PC gamers.

The sequel to the turn-based and real-time tactics video game is inching closer to its official release on September 28. At this point, the critically acclaimed game developer promised the fans preload time and an inclusion of the popular faction Tomb Kings.

Preload time

“Total War: Warhammer 2” is a heavyweight literally with its massive 60GB install size and players will be relieved to know that Creative Assembly said that there will be a preload period.

The development team recently confirmed this happy news on Twitter in response to a fan who asked whether there will be a preload or not.

The date for pre-load, however, is not currently available yet. It can be recalled that the original title also got a preload period on May 19, five days prior to its official public launching on May 24 last year.

If the studio follows the same pattern, the preload will be scheduled on September 23, five days before the second entry in the Warhammer franchise goes live on September 28.

Addition of Tomb Kings

Interestingly enough, “Total War: Warhammer 2” will also feature a famous faction known as the Tomb Kings.

In a recent interview, Lead Designer of New Content Richard Aldridge confirmed this exciting addition.

It is unknown at the moment whether it will arrive as a DLC or in the base game itself.

The inclusion of the Tomb Kings is mentioned at 7:55 mark of the interview clip shown below.

High Elf Moon Dragon

Moreover, Creative Assembly also unveiled a quick glimpse of High Elf Moon Dragon. The Moon Dragon is the mid-tier dragon that is between the smaller Sun Dragon and top-tier Star Dragon.

Watch the first stunning look at this fantastic winged creature below.

This mighty fire-breathing beast may not be older than the Star Dragon, but it has definitely been around longer than the Sun Dragon. It is also extremely wise and powerful, able to breathe fire that is capable of defeating any other monsters in battle.

The Moon Dragon can be a game changer for a High Elf commander in winning a war against another race.

Players will gain access to this gorgeous beast once they opt to play the High Elves race.

“Total War: Warhammer 2” serves as the sequel to 2016 best-selling Total War game and will be available exclusively on Windows PC starting September 28.