The Nintendo Switch is selling quite well despite not offering a huge selection of games. Yes, most people did purchase the console for "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," but the Japanese company is only now starting to offer some variety and titles genuinely created for their newest device.

October is shaping up to be Nintendo Switch's most important month so far. There are a few huge exclusive games set to be released; so, let us take a quick look at the titles scheduled to be shipped out next month to see which are worth noticing.

'Super Mario Odyssey'

The most highly anticipated game included on the list, "Super Mario Odyssey" is coming out on October 27th. Probably the biggest title left to be released for any device by the end of the year, players will soon be able to control the plump former plumber in a brand new 3D adventure.

Everything shown to the press suggests that Nintendo created a unique experience for the latest entry in the franchise. The surreal animation style, which drops Mario in a realistic world, is fascinating and sets "Super Mario Odyssey" apart from previous titles like "Super Mario Galaxy."

It would be very easy to just ignore every other game in favor of "Super Mario Odyssey," but is there anything else coming out in October?

'Fire Emblem Warriors'

"Dynasty Warriors" is not for everyone, as the combat can get rather dull. "Fire Emblem Warriors" is another spin-off which transposes IP onto the gameplay style of the hack-and-slash series.

"One Piece Pirate Warriors 3" and "Hyrule Warriors" demonstrated how well the formula can work. While "Fire Emblem Warriors" is hard to really recommend for people who are not accustomed to the world of "Fire Emblem," anyone familiar with the source material and is searching for something a bit more action-oriented, should give it a try.

"Fire Emblem Warriors" release date is October 20th, and can only be played on the Nintendo Switch or the 3DS.

'The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game'

"Lego" games are safe. There really is no outright terrible game in the series, with most being pretty fun and suitable for all ages. While movie to video game adaptations tend to be scoffed at, "Lego" has a decent track record.

Based on the upcoming "Ninjago Movie," this retells the story by splicing in scenes from the cartoon in between the gameplay segments. Although directed towards a younger audience, older gamers should consider it as well.